Store Policies



No returns during Covid-19 pandemic
• Special orders must be picked up within 90 days or deposit is forfeited.
• $5.00 minimum for charge card purchases without $0.25 convenience fee.


• Appointments must be secured by full or partial payment to hold your appointment. Credit card data is acceptable.
• Unsecured appointments will be considered on a wait list and can be replaced by secured appointments.
• Cancellations:
   - Prior day: full refund
   - Same day as appointment, if you call: refund on case by case basis
   - No cancellation notice or after a reading: no refund
• If dissatisfied with the session, you may cancel within the first 8 minutes and get a refund or change practitioners. After that, no refunds.


• Reservations must be secured by credit card number to hold your place. Card won't be charged until the class.
• Unsecured reservations will be placed on a wait list and the seat  may be given to a secured reservation.
• Cancellations:
   - Classes with no one signed up the day before the class may be cancelled. Do not wait to register.
   - If you cancel more than 2 days before the class: full refund
   - If you cancel 2 or fewer days before the class: refund on a case by case basis
   - No cancellation notice: no refund



 • No appointments. Walk-ins only.
• Sign-ups start 5 minutes before the fair starts. We recommend that you arrive early to be able to sign up for everyone you wish to see.
• Once you register, you can leave and return near your estimated time.
• If not available when called, the next person will be called. You will remain at the top of the list and will be called again until taken.
• Take note of your place on the list so that you can estimate how long until your name will be called. Be aware that if people before you on the list are unavailable, your name could be called sooner than expected.
• Monitor your place on the list near the end of the fair. We will try our best to accommodate all people signed up. If it looks like you may not be taken, you can change to a shorter list or get a refund or a raincheck. A raincheck is good for an additional $10 off a regularly priced 15 minute reading sometime in the following 30 days.



- When you sign up for our Inner Circle club, we take your name, city, state, zip code, phone number, and email address. If you want to have something shipped to you we will also take your street address.
- We will not call you except to let you know a special order you placed has arrived or if there is a change to an appointment you made.
- We do not share any information we have about you with anyone. We will not sell your information to anyone. It is only for your benefit in doing business with Sacred Circle.
- We do not store credit card numbers except for the few days to hold an appointment. The credit card numbers are not written on paper. They are held in an specially formatted file that is password protected. The number is deleted as soon as you pay for the appointment.
- Credit card data are encrypted at the magnetic reader. This means that there is no point in our point-of-sale system where the data is unencrypted and available to hackers.
- Psychic readings occur in separate rooms, some on the second floor. This means that your conversation with the counselor is kept private. Practitioners are vetted first to assure that they are experienced, ethical, professionals.