About Us

Sacred Circle is owned by Anysia (pronounced ah-NISH-ah) Oswald and her husband, Thomas Singer.

    Tom & Anysia at the Chalice Well

Tom and Anysia at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury England. The Chalice Well cover is the inspiration for Sacred Circle's logo.


Anysia has been an astrologer for 50 years, with a professional practice in the San Francisco Bay Area for 15 years and in the DC area after moving here in 2002. Her long-held dream of creating a wisdom center was finally fulfilled in 2006 with the opening of Sacred Circle. Anysia brings decades of knowledge in a wide range of spiritual and metaphysical subjects and follows an eclectic spiritual path. She is also a fine art nature photographer and designer.

Tom is an escapee from the high tech field. He has been reading the I Ching for 50 years and also contributes further knowledge of metaphysical topics.

Cass McLaughlin and Alsheemaa Tolba are also available to help you with their knowledge.

        CassMcLaughlin  Alsheema Tolba


We will always remember our 2 special workers, Tess and Casey, who have passed on.

Greeters, Tess and Casey